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 Now, you can see on our website that we have a lot of course .... what are you interested in doing?


Well. I don't want to publish anything. I just want to raise the standard of my own writing.

Advisor  Yes, it depends on whether you want to, you know, write creatively or for fun. We also have fiction writing - that includes writing children's stories.
Caller  Well, I work in an advertising agency, so...I'd like to write better so that ..... well, I'd like my salary to rise.
Advisor  Ok, so we can send you our brochure for business writing and if you think it'll be right for you, then you can enrol.
Caller  Great. What happens after that?
Advisor  Then we send you the course pack.
Caller  What does that contain?
Advisor  You get some books that will help you with your writing skills, an audio course on CDs and instructional DVDs to watch, and some lesson texts to read.
Caller  OK. What if I change my mind?
Advisor  Well, you can send the materials back to us. You have 21 days to decide, and we'll refund your fees within that time.
Caller  Ah, that's quite good. I see. So the enrolment fee includes the course materials?
Advisor  Yes, it does - for all our courses.
Caller  So are there different fees for different courses?
Advisor  Yes, at the moment, your course is ... let me see. They've just raised the prices ... it was £340, but I think it's £375 now. Yes, fees rose a month ago. I'm afraid, um, by ten percent - most of our courses are now between three and four hundred pounds. 
Caller  OK. That's not bad - so, who will teach me?
Advisor  Well, before we decide that, you do your first written assignment. It's like a personal profile.
Caller  So I write about things like my background and where I was brought up?
Advisor  No. It's the future we're interested in.
Caller  Oh, OK, so ... what I want to get from the course, and how it will help me to achieve my ambitions?
Advisor  That's right. We get a picture of who you are and your needs and then we match you to a personal tutor who will teach you and work with you.
Caller  That's a good idea. And how do I get that to you?
Advisor  Well, you send it in to us by post or through our website.
Caller  What about lessons?
Advisor  There are 15 lessons altogether, and each one has an assignment.
Caller  And what sort of feedback will I get?
Advisor  There's continuous online support, and part of that is a web-based facility for all the students on your programme to get together.
Caller  Oh, so we can share ideas and things?
Advisor  That's right. With no need to go into a classroom or be tied to weekly schedules.
Caller OK. Thanks, I think that's all my questions.
Advisor  Don't hesitate to call if you have any more. 
Caller  OK, thanks. Bye
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