BỘ ĐỀ DỰ ĐOÁN SPEAKING PART 2 - THÁNG 6-8/2019 (describe objects) - Luyện Thi IELTS Miễn Phí

BỘ ĐỀ DỰ ĐOÁN SPEAKING PART 2 - THÁNG 6-8/2019 (describe objects)

(Reading time: 16 - 32 minutes)

Sau đây là 22 đề speaking part 2 về chủ đề "mô tả đồ vật / hoạt động / nơi chốn" trong bộ đề dự đoán cho các bạn thi tháng 6,7,8/2019.


Describe a good law in your country.

Describe a book you have read recently 

Describe your ideal accommodation

Describe a place you want to travel to

Describe an interesting place in your country

Describe a sport you want to try that you have watched before


Describe an outdoor sport you played for the first time


Describe a job that your grandparent used to do



Describe an important plant in your country


Describe an activity you do when you are alone in your free time



Describe a free day off study or work


Describe an impressive advertisement you watched before 


Describe a piece of good news that you have read recently


Describe a game that you played when you were a kid


Describe a foreign language that you would like to learn besides English


Describe a quiz program or game show on TV


Describe a subject you used to dislike but now have interest in


Describe a skill that took you a long time to learn


Describe something you bought but rarely use now


Describe a kind of food people eat during a special event


Describe a historical building in your local area


Describe a prize that you want to get


Describe an item of clothing that you want to wear

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